Men's Resiliency


Our hope and goal is to create a space that supports the health and happiness of members of the Western community, particularly male-identified individuals. It is our sincere hope that our efforts aren’t just for and about men. This isn’t about men versus women. Or just about gay men or straight men, white men, black men, or any other qualifier. It is our view that historically defined, rigid identities hold everyone back. We are all in this together!

Anyone can learn to be resilient. Building resiliency helps you learn new behaviors, thoughts, and actions to handle major adversity or trauma in their lives. We can help you learn how to be resilient and navigate those life challenges!

Hear from a Student

Men's Resiliency Mission

Men’s Resiliency aims to promote a positive and healthy collegiate experience for  male-identified students. We strive to increase mental and physical wellness while encouraging a proactive approach to healthier living. Men’s Resiliency challenges cultural male-normative expectations of masculinities with the goal of creating a healthier campus environment for all.

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back through problem solving and the ability to own our decisions. Being self-reliant does not reduce one's ability to be resilient, as long as we can recognize when we need help and we seek the necessary support.

​Where To Find Us


VU 751 in the Multicultural Center