Condom Distribution & Request Form

Prevention & Wellness Services helps promote sexual health at Western by making condoms freely available for students.

For individual/personal use, students can get free condoms at various locations around campus, including:

  • Prevention & Wellness Services (OM 560)
  • Student Health Center
  • Queer Resource Center (VU 515)
  • Womxn’s Identity Resource Center (VU 514)

Larger supplies of condoms can also be provided upon request for one-time events and student outreach activities as well as on-going distribution at strategic campus locations (i.e. residence halls, student club offices, sports team facilities, etc). We will fulfill requests to the best of our ability as our supply and funding allows.

To request a bulk supply of condoms, please complete the Condom Request Form at least one week prior to the date needed.

WWU Role (select one)
Total Quantity Requested
At this time we can provide up to 100 condoms per request. If more are needed, please submit another request and we will do our best to fulfill it as supplies allow.
How many people do you anticipate will participate/benefit?