CASAS Support Groups

After Silence

This confidential group welcomes all women holding diverse gender identities who have experienced sexual violence or abusive relationships. After Silence offers a space to connect with other women, to express emotional reactions, and to move through their healing process in a supportive environment. For more information about After Silence, including current location and schedule, please call 360-650-3164.

Healthy Relationships

Are your relationships interfering with your academic success? Are there conflicts in your relationships that keep coming up? How do you know when it’s time to give up on a friendship? Does your partner call you names or put you down? Do you feel taken advantage of in relationships?

We know that intimate relationships, including relationships with family, friends, roommates, etc. play a significant role in our lives. Learn how to use effective communication, build trust, place boundaries and resolve conflicts. Join us in our weekly discussions about all relationships. For more info call 360-650-7982.