CASAS Peer Health Educators


The mission of the CASAS Peer Health Educators (PHEs) is to promote empowerment for all genders, and to encourage discussion about issues of violence and equality. CASAS PHEs offer students resources and opportunities to get involved in programs that are targeted towards ending relationship violence and sexual assault. CASAS PHEs also provide support to survivors.

CASAS PHEs are dedicated to ending all forms of violence through coordinating events that raise campus and community awareness focused on various topics, including assertive communication, empowerment of bystanders to take action when violence occurs, and encouragement of positive, healthy expressions of masculinity.


These Peer Health Educators promote messages about healthy relationships, exploration of cultural attitudes related to violence, and community safety. CASAS PHEs passion is to end violence towards all genders and identities.

Main Message

  • Everyone has the ability to heal and deserves the opportunity to do so. Healing is a process that can include: a) naming the violence, b) learning to cope, and c) empowering yourself and others.
  • Relationship violence encompasses a range of physical, emotional, and sexual behaviors.
  • Consent includes an enthusiastic "yes" that is freely given.
  • Sex under the influence of alcohol and other drugs jeopardizes safety and consent.
  • Consent means that:
    • Both parties have given an enthusiastic "YES!"
    • Both parties are equally free to act; neither is coerced or constrained
  • You can reduce your risk of experiencing violence, but violence is NEVER the survivor's fault
  • Survivors and perpetrators can be of any gender, sexual orientation, age, class, ability, or ethnicity.
  • Most sexual assaults occur among acquaintances and in a familiar setting. Stranger rape, while it can happen, is much less common.
  • All genders have the responsibility to end violence.

Outreach Programs

CASAS PHEs implement programs and events throughout the academic year to promote our main messages. Programs focus on educating students about violence and consent. Topics include: bystander empowerment, healthy expressions of masculinity, cultural issues related to violence, and gender. For more information about these events or to request an outreach program, please submit a program request form.