Be Well at Western

Be Well

Be Well at Western

At Western, we believe students who are actively encouraged and supported in their efforts to be well are better able to achieve their personal and academic goals. 

What Is Wellness?

Wellness is more than just avoiding the flu. Wellness is the sum total of all aspects of individual and community wellness, from building personal resilience to cultivating a safe and supportive campus community for all identities. 

What Is “Be Well at Western”?

Be Well at Western is a collection of tools, advice, and support services to help all students flourish at Western and beyond while contributing to a positive, inclusive, and empowering Western experience.

Explore the resources that follow!

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Campus Wellness Resources

Associated Students

disAbility Outreach Center
Viking Union 513, 360-650-6116

Ethnic Student Center
Viking Union 420, 360-650-7271

Legal Information Center
Viking Union 517, 360-650-6111

​Queer Resource Center
Viking Union 515, 360-650-6120

Social Issues Resource Center
Viking Union 512, 360-650-6804

Veteran’s Outreach Center

Womxn’s Identity Resource Center
Viking Union 514, 360-650-6114 llment and Student Services,

Academic Advising Center
Old Main 380, 360-650-3850

Campus Recreation Services
Wade King Student Recreation Center, 360-650-4972

Career Services Center
Old Main 280, 360-650-3240

Counseling Center
Old Main 540, 360-650-3164

Men’s Resiliency
Edens 118, 360-650-2127

Suicide Prevention
Old Main 540, 360-650-3164

Dean of Students Office
Viking Union 547, 360-650-3450

disAbility Resources for Students
Old Main 110, 360-650-3844

Financial Aid
Old Main 240, 360-650-3470

New Student Services/Family Outreach
Old Main 330F, 360-650-3846

Prevention and Wellness Services
Old Main 560, 360-650-2993

>> ADCAS (Alcohol and Other Drug Consultation and Assessment)
Old Main 560C, 360-650-6865

>> CASAS (Consultation and Sexual Assault Support Services)
Old Main 585B, 360-650-3700

>> Body Empowerment Peer Health Education
Old Main 560, 360-650-2993

>> Peer Sexual Health Education
Old Main 560, 360-650-2993

>> Quarterly Blood Drives
Old Main 560, 360-650-2993

Registrar’s Office
Old Main 230, 360-650-3430

Student Health Center
Campus Services Bldg 2nd Floor, 360-650-3400

Student Outreach Services
Old Main 110, 360-650-2455

Tutoring Center
Wilson Library 280, 360-650-3855

Veteran’s Services
​Old Main 280, 360-650-4324

More Great Wellness Resources

Hacherl Research and Writing Studio
Haggard Hall 2nd Floor, 360-650-3094 

Math Center
Bond Hall 211A, 360-650-3813

Student Technology Center
Haggard Hall 2nd Floor, 360-650-4300