About the Peer Health Educator Program

Peer Health Educators

Volunteer With Us!

Volunteer With Us!

Prevention and Wellness Services' Peer Health Educator Program is a unique volunteer opportunity for passionate Western students who are committed to enhancing their own health and the health of Western's community. This program allows students to develop meaningful connections with peers and professional mentors as well as build a strong skill set in leadership and education that supports their academic learning and career plans.

Peer Health Educators come from various academic majors and backgrounds, and PWS continually seeks to expand the diversity of this team to increase the unique skill sets and valuable perspectives that PHEs contribute to this important work. 

What Peer Health Educators Do

Peer Health Educators receive training that prepares them to be involved in a variety of health promotion activities that includes:

  • Planning and implementing health promotion events 
  • Facilitating workshops on various health topics
  • Being a knowledgeable and supportive resource for friends and peers
  • Advocating for policies, practices and resources that support the well-being of our campus community

Our Topic Groups

Peer Health Educators participate in one of four topic groups which focus on: alcohol and drug risk reduction, mental health promotion, sexual violence prevention and sexual health promotion.

Program Benefits

Many of our students tell us their experience with the Peer Health Educator program was a highlight of their college career. Students who participate in this program receive: 

  • Increased knowledge and skills to enhance personal and community health 
  • Practical, hands-on experience to use in grad school and work applications and interviews
  • Expanded support system and network of friends
  • Ongoing support and mentoring from PWS staff
  • Campus leadership opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Health Educator,
please visit our How to Become a Volunteer Page.